Raise money for growth

Investment readiness

Attract and prepare for investment. Identify investors. 

Preparing for and delivering fundraising transactions is part of our day job. We’ve supported countless others raise funding from seed to Series A to Series B. 

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SEIS, EIS and VCT Advance Assurance

Learn about tax efficient investment.  

Provide confidence to your investors that your company is eligible for the generous tax breaks available on investment into high growth companies. 

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3-way financial modelling

Work out how much investment you need and how to help support your company’s valuation. 

From reviewing and optimising an existing model to a bespoke model build we can help. And we’ve helped numerous others like you.

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Term sheet negotiation

Are the terms you’ve received on market? Are any key terms missing? 

This stage is often your point of maximum negotiation leverage. We have supported countless others raise funding from seed to Series A to Series B. 

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R&D tax credits

A win-win: improve your products or service, and offset the cost of doing it. Tax breaks that reward innovation and help extend your runway.

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Great strategy is rooted in competitive advantage that's set in a clear strategic roadmap

By using your competitive advantage to build a clear, multi-year strategic roadmap you maximise the chances of achieving your goals and objectives.

Implementing a strategy requires the right toolkit. We ensure you’re clear on your ambitions and have a clear strategy to achieve them.

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Be a climate leader, embrace your future in a low carbon economy

We believe business benefits from embracing a sustainable future. Improve your margins, build brand value and enhance your risk resilience.

Turn the complexity into an integrated strategy, so you can succeed as a responsible business. Use our proven framework to drive innovation and sustainable practices into your business

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