Selling your business or considering succession

Exit readiness

Understand your exit options. Your state of readiness. The process. How to maximise value. 

Preparing for and delivering M&A transactions is our day job. We’ve helped countless others like you.  

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Selling your business

Thinking of selling. Responding to an unsolicited approach. What’s next? 

From sale to trade to private equity to MBO to employee ownership trust. We can help.  

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Term sheet negotiation

Are the terms you’ve received on market? Are any key terms missing? How do you move from a Letter of Intent to Heads of Terms? 

We are experts in this process. It’s often your point of maximum negotiation leverage. Regardless who you’re selling to we can help.

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3-way financial modelling

A tool to help quantify the value of your business to a potential acquirer. It can support your valuation aspirations. 

From reviewing and optimising an existing model to a bespoke model build we can help. 

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Tax structuring

Understand the tax impacts of a sale on you and your company. Identify the optimal structure for tax purposes.  

We provide a full tax advisory service to ensure a tax-efficient exit.  

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Business strategy

The value of your business should be more than the sum of its parts. 

Embed your purpose, be clear on your competitive advantage, drive innovation, focus on responsible and sustainable growth. This can enhance the saleability and value of your business.  

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Don't scramble to keep up!

The most resilient businesses invest significantly in tech like cloud computing, data analytics, CRM, AI, blockchain, 3D printing and business process automation. 

It can release significant benefits, such as improving customer engagement, boosting revenue and enhance cost control. Ultimately this can help to increase the value of your business at exit.  

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Being good is no longer sustainable.

Can your business think fast and stay agile, allowing you to overcome uncertainty and disruption to drive sustainable stakeholder value? 

We’ve developed various tools to help you think outside the box, a different approach to understanding how and where your business can create a competitive advantage / enhance value.

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