UK tax planning for employees and other individuals

UK residence status

Advice and support in respect of UK residence status and the tax implications for the employer and employee.

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Non-residents and internationally mobile employees

Income tax and social security (national insurance) on employment income and share awards.

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Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax can be a factor for those with UK assets or those regarded as domiciled in the UK.  There are several of potential routes to ensure you meet your aims and objectives, while keeping your IHT bill down.

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Tax reliefs for UK arrivers

Understand your domicile status and the application of the remittance basis of tax, overseas workday relief and business investment relief.

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UK personal tax compliance

We provide more than a compliance service. Maximise reliefs and plan for the future with progressive advice.

You’d expect us to do this. And we do. With one of the biggest tax teams in Scotland, we’ve got you covered.

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UK tax on foreign investments, pensions and entities

There are extra complexities that come into play where you have interests in other countries. This can include matters such as offshore investments, properties, companies, trusts and other structures. Care has to be taken around the anti-avoidance rules that can often trip up the unwary.

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Tax due on UK-owned property

Capital Gains Tax for non-UK residents, including holdings of UK property via companies.

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Double taxation relief and foreign tax credit relief

Ensure you benefit from the double tax treaties available and ensure you claim the maximum possible relief for any foreign tax suffered .

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