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Inheritance tax (IHT)

Tax is key when making plans to pass on assets to the next generation. There are many potential routes to ensure you meet your objectives and do not pay more IHT than you should. This includes maximising tax reliefs and exemptions such as business property relief and agricultural property relief. 

We can help assess your exposure to inheritance tax and work with you to agree a plan towards meeting your goals. 

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Trusts, Family Investment Companies and other structures

A variety of structures that can be used as part of succession planning. These include trusts, corporate entities and partnerships, each of which has their own advantages and considerations. 

We can assist in identifying the best course to meet your needs and help put this in place.

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Income and remuneration planning

Set up your affairs to minimise your tax liabilities. For business owners, how the business is structured and remuneration paid has a big impact on the taxes due. Anti-avoidance rules like IR35 are also important to bear in mind. 

We can review your current tax position and make recommendations to improve it, ensuring you don’t pay more tax than you should. 

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Property ownership

Owning property brings new taxes to consider. Stamp duty and LBTT are key for purchases. Income tax will be due on rental profits, while capital gains tax and inheritance tax come into play on disposals and gifts. You may also want to think about the structure of holding property. 

We can provide all the necessary advice in respect of the purchase, ownership and sale of property. 

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Investments and pensions

Investments come in a wide variety of forms. Stocks and shares, life assurance policies, pensions, ISAs – each has their own tax considerations, and in some cases tax reliefs such as Business Asset Disposal Relief or Investors’ Relief. 

Whatever the investment, we can provide advice on your tax position and work with your investment advisors to determine the best course. 

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EIS and other tax relieved investments

Investing in certain smaller companies can come with valuable tax reliefs, including government-backed schemes such as EIS, SEIS and VCT. 

We can advise you on the reliefs that are due and how to claim correctly. Our advice ensures that you’re maximising the claims / reliefs available.

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Giving to charity and other philanthropy

Donating to charity can bring tax benefits, both for you and the charity. The form can vary, from straightforward cash donation under the Gift Aid scheme, to gifting assets to charity (such as under “share aid”) to larger scale philanthropy such as charitable trusts.

Whatever the scale and type of donation, we can advise on the best route so you provide the largest possible benefit to your chosen charity. 

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Making Tax Digital and the future of tax reporting

Radical changes are underway as part of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital that will change how individuals report tax. It will particularly affect many taxpayers that have businesses or property interests.

We can help you get ready for and understand the new rules, and help you plan what it will mean for you and your business.

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HMRC disclosures and investigations

HMRC investigations, even if just routine, need specialist care and attention because penalties can hit you if something has gone wrong. Pre-empting this by making an upfront disclosure is advisable, whenever that’s possible. 

We can help you with the necessary reporting to HMRC, and ensure that you get the best possible outcome. 

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Employment and share schemes

Get advice on the income tax and national insurance on your employment income and share awards.

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