Digital First – What is the point?

In what is commonly known as the “Information Age”, businesses are bombarded with buzzwords and phrases that don’t convey any useful information at all. How many times have you heard about automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and “the cloud”, and thought that it’s too abstract and complex to be of any real use to you or your team? After all, you managed to work completely well until now, and that includes facing a global pandemic that disrupted all businesses worldwide, and you adapted and survived. What is the point in this digital first approach, and can it really offer any benefits?

In roles where people are facing large quantities of data and analysing it, an interesting phenomenon has occurred known as the 80/20 rule. This rule stipulates that 80% of your time will be spent on finding, manipulating, and organising data sets and leaving you with only 20% of your time to gather any insights and analyse the end results.

At CT, we’re changing that rule.

Our Evolve team has sifted through all the buzzwords and cut through the corporate language to truly understand what it all means, and importantly, what the point is. We aim to take that 80/20 rule, and maximise the time spent on analysing data – not processing it, with our vision being 0% of human time spent on the processing.

Imagine your workplace as it is now and consider how many times you might be:

  • copying and pasting data
  • handling paper files
  • logging in to systems to download a file to add to your excel model
  • or even saving files into the right place.

How many of those systems don’t interface with each other, and how many times are you stuck wondering where the most up to date version of data really is.

If you’re left feeling like you can relate to some of that, then it’s time for a review of your systems and identifying where the efficiencies can be made. Our goal is to work with you and your team identifying where we can help with the strategic goals of the business and build a system that can fully support those goals and strategy, not just recommend an accounting package and a bunch of add-ons. We’re acutely aware that each business has its own needs, and ultimately its own tailored solution.

This solution will help with your growth ambitions, help you implement your corporate strategy, ease the day-to-day manual processing, empower your team by providing them the right tools, give you real time insights into your data and business, and even encourage or allow new talent to join you by expanding remote working opportunities. Technology has moved so far, and business that jump at the chance to embrace it have the competitive advantage. You want the best for your business, so why not use the best tools available? That is the point.

Author – Ryan Gillies, Senior Associate.

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