Outsourced payroll: how we act as an extension of you

Our team provide a fully outsourced operation to save you time, money and administration.

We pride ourselves on our flexible, accurate and efficient service: for employers and employees alike, payroll is an incredibly serious matter and we work tirelessly to ensure it runs smoothly.

Outsourcing something – and especially something as important and fundamental to your organisation’s success as paying employees – requires a great deal of trust.  That is a key focus of our team and our processes: we arrange work and systems to work no matter what, including comprehensive tech cover in the event of disasters (or unexpected events like, say, lockdowns).

So, what do we do?

  • We administer payrolls, which is often a time-consuming requirement that takes up time – time that could be spent on other aspects of your organisation
  • We maintain the expert staff of trained payroll professionals, so clients don’t have to: they can rely absolutely on our team who are up to date with the latest legislation and on top of the ever-growing complexity of taxation
  • Always have access to the right, and latest, software, so you don’t have to
  • Our processes ensure RTI submissions are filed on time, always avoiding the strict regime of penalties for non-compliance
  • Have a large team ensuring there’s a never a gap in service during sickness, holidays, and other unexpected absences
  • Help improve accuracy of payroll
  • Pension auto-enrolment, including enrolment of employees into workplace pension schemes, and uploads to pension providers
  • We take care of the process of re-enrolment and completion of your re-declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator every three years.

In short, outsourcing is an affordable way for many employers to remove the burdens of running a payroll, and make sure they get the best quality service from professionals.

What can we do for you?

  • Processing twelve monthly payrolls in the year (or 52 payrolls for weekly paid)
  • All calculations and administration of records for PAYE, NIC, SMP, SSP, SAP, SPP
  • Provision of standard monthly/weekly reports
  • Provision of electronic payslips issued directly to employees.
  • Real Time Information requirements including Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary
  • Monthly calculation of PAYE/NIC
  • Provision of eP60 forms to employees
  • Submission of in year filing requirements to HMRC
  • Holiday pay calculations
  • Pension auto-enrolment assessments, calculations and submissions to your Pension Provider

If you would like to know more or enquire about a quote for our services, please contact payroll@ct.me.