Audit: robust when tested.

We think the key to a good audit lies in its value to you. and ensuring compliance – that’s essential. But you can expect more from your audit.

Your needs are our focus. You may need investor confidence, assurance over your systems, or proactive support. You may need a history of audited statements that stand up to the scrutiny of banks and other funders. Or you may need guidance and support to ensure good governance and shape your systems.

We’re equipped to provide that assurance. We aim to adopt a collaborative approach that ensure a painless process, along with the experience, technical expertise and scrutiny that ensures compliance and provides practical recommendations. We offer the value that comes from  understanding your needs and a partnership that combines compliance with support.

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What we can do for you:

  • External audit
  • Grant audits
  • FCA Limited assurance CASS audits
  • Other assurance engagements, including ‘Agreed Upon Procedures’
  • Technical support for your team
  • Governance assistance, providing training, briefings and practical support

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